History of Sports Boules Singapore

1985: Petanque was introduced to Singaporeans as a recreational exercise for senior citizens by the People's Association and                        the Singapore Sports Council
1989: Singapore Petanque Federation was formed
1999: Renamed to Singapore Petanque and Sports Boules Federation
2001: Introduced the sport to students
2003: Renamed to Sports Boules Singapore
2005: SEA Games Bronze Medal in Women's Singles and Doubles
2007: Junior Team ranked 9th in the Junior World Championships SEA Games Bronze Medal in Women's Triples
2009: Asian Indoor Games Silver Medal in Women's Singles
2010: Asian Championships Gold Medal in Men's Shooting
2011: Junior World Championship Bronze Medal in Shooting
2014: SEA Petanque Championship Gold Medal in Triples, Bronze Medal in Singles and Shooting 
         Pan Pacific Championship Bronze Medal in Men's Triples, Bronze Medal in Shooting
         Pahang Open Gold Medal in Men's Doubles
         Asian Beach Games Gold Medal in Men's Shooting, Bronze Medal in Women's Shooting